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The Automated Pharmacy Dispensing Machine called Rowa

The Rowa is an electronically controlled automated storage system, which offers the capacity of a distinctly larger, conventional storage, while taking up only a minimum of space. The modular construction of this automated storage system allows it to be tailored optimally to every pharmacy’s individual requirements. The sophisticated technology ensures prompt delivery of articles as well as smooth continuous operation. The Rowa offers semi-automated inputting with the possibility of entering expiry dates as well as fully automated inputting with the intelligent ProLog system.

The Rowa automated pharmacy would ultimately save the pharmacy money by efficiently controlling space and product expiry, decreasing thievery and shrinkage, and reducing stock levels.

Some other features include dispensing an item between 4 and 7 seconds, full stock tracing and stock taking in real time. This allows the pharmacy to be become more efficient, which allows for more attention to patients and counseling.

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