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Upcoming Panel Discussion

Pharmacy Connect is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion entitled “A behind the scenes look at the work of pharmacy professionals” taking place in Johannesburg on 16 May 2019. If you are interested in learning about the work of other pharmacy professionals, want to understand how other areas of pharmacy feed into your line of work, or are interested in pursuing a new career in pharmacy, this panel discussion is not to be missed. We have an extremely fine line up of speakers who are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you.

Topic: A behind the scenes look at the work of pharmacy professionals
Date: Thurs, 16 May, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM
Dinner: a light dinner will be provided
Venue: Royal Johannesburg & Kensington Golf Club
Address: 1 Fairway Avenue, Linksfield North, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2192
Registration fee:
– R500 for pharmacists (this early bird registration rate ends at 5 pm on 2 May 2019)
– R350 for pharmacist assistants / pharmacy students (this early bird registration rate ends at 5 pm on 2 May 2019)

Our upcoming panel discussion will tackle the following areas of interest to all pharmacy professionals:
– Possible career paths in pharmacy that you always wondered about but had no idea how to pursue
– The connection between your current area of pharmacy and other areas of pharmacy
– General advice and information on how to succeed as a pharmacy professional
– Suggested skills, knowledge and qualifications needed to take your pharmacy career to the next level

CLICK HERE to register for the panel discussion.


Magadi Ntlokwe-Mohasoa
Regulatory Affairs consultant
Betla-Mmetli Consulting
Gauteng, Johannesburg

Magadi has been involved in industrial pharmacy for 25 years. In her current position, she is responsible for assisting clients with regulatory affairs issues that include ensuring compliance of products and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities with South African Health Products Regulatory Authority regulations; and ensuring that license applications, new product registrations, and registered product updates conform with current legislation. Previously, she served as Head of Regulatory and Responsible Pharmacist at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, where she was responsible for the regulatory department. Her duties included heading the South African office in regulatory compliance, and dealing with the regulatory consultants. Before that, she was a Field Sales Trainer at Innovex (a part of Quintiles), and her responsibilities included training, sales and marketing. She was also responsible for the recruitment, training and sales management of the contract pharmaceutical sales forces. Magadi also has extensive production, packaging, quality control and assurance experience at various pharmaceutical factories in South Africa. She also worked in hospital pharmacy throughout her student years, and her experience in retail pharmacy was through locums. Magadi earned a B.Pharm degree from the University of Limpopo (formerly the University of the North).


Minesh Vallabh
Clinical Operations Manager
Novo Nordisk
Gauteng, Johannesburg

Minesh has been involved in Clinical Research for 13 years. In his current position, he heads up the clinical department which oversees all Novo Nordisk’s multinational clinical trials in South Africa. His responsibilities include overseeing a department of 30 professionals including people managers, clinical research associates and assistants. He manages phase 2 and phase 3a clinical trials that the company conducts at various doctors’ sites in South Africa. Previously, he served as Quality Assurance Pharmacist at Novo Nordisk within its manufacturing facility, where he was responsible for quality assurance during the manufacture of insulin and penicillin products. This included product batch releases, internal and external auditing as well as overall quality control. Before that, he was a retail Pharmacy Manager or Dispensary manager at various Clicks Pharmacies. Minesh earned a B.Pharm from Rhodes University. He is a member of PSSA and SACRA (South African Clinical Research Organisation) and IPASA (innovative Pharmaceutical Association of SA) clinical workgroup.


Patricia Ngassam
Consultant Pharmacist
Pharmers Consulting Company
Gauteng, Johannesburg

Patricia has been involved in community pharmacy for 8 years. As a consultant to private patients, schools and NGOs, her responsibilities include assessing the correctness of patients treatments, and providing adjustments or recommendations where necessary. She also conducts wellness programs to reduce the burden or disease, and improve her client’s overall quality of life. Previously, she served as an oncology pharmacist at Donald Gordon Oncology Centre, where she was responsible for compounding and dispensing chemotherapies and optimising therapy outcomes. Before that, she was a hospital pharmacist at Steve Biko Academic Hospital where she was responsible for ward round reviews, oncology mixes, small volume manufacturing, counselling and dispensing medication to in and outpatients. Patricia earned a BPharm from Nelson Mandela University (NMU), a MSc ABBE from Nottingham University in the UK and recently submitted her PhD thesis at NMU. She is also a member of the PSSA.


Ronelle Coetzer
Affiliate Safety Representative
Gauteng, Johannesburg

Ronelle has been involved in Pharmacovigilance for 10 years. In her current position, she is responsible for all pharmacovigilance (PV) activities for AbbVie’s operations in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. This work involves detecting, assessing, understanding and preventing adverse effects (anything untoward that happens to a patient that could be associated to the drug) that she discovers in relation to medications that her company manufactures. Her responsibilities include monitoring the safety of products and reporting of adverse events internally within AbbVie and externally to pharmaceutical regulators such as SAPRA and WHO; reviewing literature to identify studies on any of the company’s products; managing risks associated with the company’s products; ensuring compliance with PV processes so that all adverse events are reported correctly and timeously; and pharmacovigilance management of clinical trials. Previously, she served as Medical Information Pharmacist at Amayeza Information Centre, where she was responsible for providing reliable, accurate, objective, and up-to-date information on medicine to patients, pharmacists and other health care professionals. Ronelle earned a B.Pharm from North West University Potchefstroom. She currently serves as the chairperson for the Innovative Pharmaceutical Association of South Africa (IPASA) PV working group.


Gerda Lawler
Clinical Consultant
Knowledge Objects Solutions (software solutions provider to Medical Aids)
Gauteng, Centurion

Gerda has been involved in providing IT and software solutions to medical aids for 16 years. In her current position, she provides clinical guidance to medical aids on medical aid rules, chronic disease list protocols and chronic disease programmes. She uses this information to translate the medical aid’s system requirements into customized reimbursement software that the medical aids use to approve the reimbursement requests for medication. She also assists the pharmacists with any queries regarding the reimbursement rules, pricing issues, and dispensing fees. Gerda is involved in the yearly fee negotiations with Pharmacy networks (Clicks, Dis-Chem, etc.), and liases with the Pharmacy Practice Management Systems (Unisolv etc.) on any software changes which are necessary for new scheme rules or dispensing fee adjustments. Previously, she served as a manager of the Hospital Risk Management department at PPS Healthcare Administrators, where she oversaw hospital pre-authorisation and oncology management of the Profmed medical scheme. Her duties included the drafting of clinical protocols for restricted/costly products and processes used in the hospital setting. Gerda was responsible for the liaison between the medical scheme administrator and the industry which included the Principal Officer, hospital networks, Medikredit, doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare providers, as well as the actuarial teams who prepared the health care reports for Profmed. Before that, she worked as a Drug Utilisation Review consultant at Mx Health where her duty was to evaluate the chronic medicine applications received from members against the scheme’s chronic medicine protocol. Gerda earned a B.Pharm degree from The University of Pretoria.


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