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Job Negotiation Services

In a 2015 salary survey conducted by Pharmacy Connect, 45-55% of survey respondents (depending on level of experience) felt that they were not satisfied with their current salary. If you are a pharmacy professional who is dissatisfied with your current job situation, we can assist you to negotiate a higher salary, improved benefits, and/or a promotion.

Pharmacy Connect job negotiation services include the following:
1. Researching current pharmacy professional salaries in your area and sharing the results with you.
2. Evaluating your specific salary and benefits against the market taking into account your level of experience, responsibilities, working hours, sector of pharmacy, and geographical area.
3. Devising a salary/benefits negotiation strategy.
4. Representing you in a salary negotiation meeting.

R1000 per service for pharmacists, and R500 per service for pharmacist assistants.
You can purchase these services individually or as a package. Prices exclude VAT.

If you are interested in these services CLICK HERE to complete our job negotiation questionnaire.

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