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Permanent Positions

New Post Gauteng – Johannesburg – Sandringham:

A Pharmacy Manager / Responsible Pharmacist is needed for a Pharmacy in an Old Age Home as follows:

  • Gross CTC Salary: up to R50,000 per month depending on experience. There are no other benefits with this position.
  • Requirements: 2 years private or government Pharmacy experience, Retail Pharmacy experience advantageous, with a min of 3 years management experience. Must have strong management/leadership skills and experience
  • Working hours: Mon-Thurs: 8am-4:30pm, Fri: 8am-2:30pm. No weekends, no public holidays. On call as per roster, but do not have to come in very often
  • Leave per year: 15 working days PLUS about 8 extra bonus days off
  • Start date: ASAP
  • Info on the company: Serves 600 patients – all facilities (Hospital, Assisted living, Independent living, Mental health, Out patient clinic, and Walk ins. 24 Hour nursing care, 2 full time doctors and 1 half day, Social work services, Physiotherapy.
  • Duties:
    • General Management – Dispense and compound scripts for patients and nurses, Dispense and compound scripts for the wards and assisted living, Liaise with doctors and nurses, Assist patients with medicine queries and refer to Doctors if necessary, Ensure medical aid claims go through and manage queries, Checking scheduled prescriptions of pharmacist assistants, Supply ward stock, Update dispensing program and ensure backs up are done, On stand by for call outs after hours when pharmacy is closed (weekends, holidays), Ensure secure premises, Ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction and professionalism and customer service
    • Stock Management – Stock control, Maintain correct stock levels, Order stock, Send To Follows, Receiving and packing stock, Stock takes, Manage expired drugs, Ensure no stock shortages, Ensure submission and collection of mental health scripts. This all includes schedule 6 and registers.
    • Staff Management – of 5 pharmacists and 3 pharmacist assistants. Staff discipline, Staff leave and overtime, Performance management, Change management, Continuous evaluation and improvement of processes, Introduce new systems/policies when required, Ability to deal with conflict, Interaction with other divisions, Ensure that dispensary opens on time
    • Financial Management – Manage and keep within budgets, Prepare statistics and other information, Prepare month end report, Participate in budget preparation
    • Blister Packing Management – Blister packing of medication for residents, Check scripts for blister packing, Print all blisters, Checking and labelling of blisters packed by Pharmacy Assistants, Ordering blister packing materials
    • Compliance: Compliance to SAPC requirements regarding scheduled drugs, SOP’s, and the working environment, Ensure all pharmacy laws and regulations are met and enforced

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New Post Gauteng – Johannesburg – near Killarney/Norwood:

A Pharmacy Manager / Responsible Pharmacist is needed for a Pharmacy in a Specialised Medical Centre as follows:

  • Gross CTC Salary: up to R54,000 per month depending on experience, PLUS a performance based bonus
  • Requirements: 3-5 years of Retail Pharmacy experience, with a min of 2 years management experience. Must have strong management/leadership skills and experience
  • Working hours: Mon-Fri: 7:45am-5:30pm. No weekends, no public holidays.
  • Leave per year: 23 working days
  • Start date: July 2017
  • Duties:
    • Efficient management of the dispensary and the front-shop
    • Effective interaction with senior management and working with other healthcare personnel.
    • Business marketing and promotion
    • Handling prescriptions, and deliver superior customer experience and satisfaction. Be aware of the new medical preparations.
    • Resolve queries effectively and efficiently
    • Safe and responsible stock management, shrinkage control.
    • Staff Management, i.e. duty allocations, supervisory role, performance appraisals, locum sourcing to cover shifts, leave allocations, etc.
    • Manage the training of Pharmacist Assistants and/or Pharmacist Interns.
    • Compilation of monthly reports and preparation of annual budget of the pharmacy.
    • Ensure business viability, sustainability and growth, in line with company financial and growth targets.
    • Maintain a standard system for keeping the records of the medicines and patient accounts
    • Attend management and functional Meetings as well as arranging staff participation in Infection Control and Health and Safety Meetings.
    • Ensure compliance to legislative requirements and that all relevant registers are properly maintained according to the regulations and statutory requirement

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New Post Gauteng – Johannesburg Melrose Estate/Glenhove:

An Executive Director is needed for a voluntary association (part of a well know pharmacy body) whose objectives are to support their members (i.e. industry pharmacy professionals). These include the provision of information, training and skills development, development of positions and opinions on policy and legislative matters and representation at professional and government forums.

  • Salary: Gross CTC is R24,000 per month (depending on experience) PLUS an incentive scheme, PLUS a company cell phone.
  • Employment Type: 5/8 position (108 hours per month)
  • Working hours: Mon-Fri: only 5 hours per day between 8am – 5pm.
  • Requirements:
    • Will need to have a good understanding of the professional and technical demands of a pharmacist employed in the industry. This would include at least a working knowledge of legislative and regulatory affairs, clinical research and other industry pharmacy subjects. They will have good networks, effective communication skills and be comfortable engaging and presenting on public platforms, with Government/statutory council officials and industry colleagues. An academic orientation with leadership qualities, good computer skills, financial acumen and an independent and self-motivated approach to work will all be recommendations.
    • A Pharmacist with 5 years total experience in the Pharmaceutical industry including some or all of the following: Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Wholesale/Distribution, Research, Sales/Marketing. Need to be creative, and build stakeholder relationships. It will be a PR role, so need to be able to talk with authority and have a dynamic approach, with good governance. Need to understand all the specifics of the industry including policies. Will need to meet with government, and attend important industry meetings and provide feedback to committee and members – e.g. how to report sides effects, report on devices, new policies, new regulatory environment and policies from MCC, government gazette). After hours is minimal. Will need to establish and build networks, and advance committee and grow it’s members (i.e. Pharmacists, Non pharmacists, scientists, academics).
  • Job Description:

Governance and management are important components of the job with accountability to the EXCO and ultimately to the members for:

    • Office Management – Preparation of reports, Efficient and effective management of the office operations and the association membership and activities, Legal and tax compliance, Protection of the associations records & data and systems security & data back up and recoverability, Management of service providers (Training, accounting, venue hire, printing etc), Strategic income streams identification and implementation
    • Financial management – Preparation of annual budget, monitoring and controlling of expenses, provision of information to Treasurer for review and presentation at meetings, Check and reconcile financial statements and accounting records, Monitor expenses against budget and report to Treasurer, Accounts and expense management
    • Management of resources (HR, Capital etc) – Support to Chairperson and Committees, Manage annual election process and AGM, Secretary to meetings including taking meetings, Ensure adherence to the Constitution, Support conference committee
    • Liaison with head office – Director’s Meetings: Determine mandates, attend meetings and conferences, participate and report back to EXCO, Implementation of decisions taken, Attend working group meetings, Liaison with other divisions if and when necessary
    • Annual key objectives and deliverables including monitoring and delivering on member’s needs
    • Increase membership through a member marketing strategy and implementation of a communication plan using the website, emails, meetings and other platforms.
    • Build the brand – Public relations plan implementation to communicate the value and work of the association
    • CPD plan to service members needs and increase funding of the association
    • Input on Legislation & policy development and organisation of sub-committees of experts to achieve
    • Develop and promote position statements (e.g. NHI, Devices, Inspection Fees, Dispensing fees etc.)
    • Business plan development and implementation in conjunction with EXCO
    • Proactively monitoring the environment for policy and legislative changes which association needs to address
  • Leave days: 18 per year
  • Start date: ASAP

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New Post Centurion

A Dispensary Manager is needed for a Courier Pharmacy:

      • Salary: Basic of R50,000 – R60,000 per month (depending on experience) plus a performance bonus of 15% – 20% monthly (with a max of 30%), which is primarily based on meeting set service levels.
      • Working hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm
      • Position overview: The effective management of all processes relating to the efficient dispensing of medicines on prescriptions processed in the pharmacy to ensure that patients receive the correct medication on-time. Manage daily operations and procedures according to established policies and procedures. Responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency of departmental operations through the provision of effective methods and strategies. Monitor adherence to rules, regulations and  procedures. Monitor and evaluate staff performance. Manage quality and quantity of employee productivity. Monitor, manage and improve the efficiency of support services such as IT and HR. Liaison with top management. Assist in the development of strategic plans for operational activity. Implement and manage operational plans.
      • Requirements:
        • Staff management experience in an operational environment – at least 5 years experience. This position will need to manage approx. 100 staff members – this include cleaners, pickers, pharmacist assistants – from low to high education levels.
        • Operational management experience – at least 5 years experience
        • Experience in high pressured environments where high volumes of prescriptions need to be prioritised and dispatch – at least 5 years experience
        • Flexibility in terms of availability/working hours
        • Experience in Courier, Wholesale, Distribution, Store management – at least 5 years experience
        • Strong leadership and team building skills
        • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
      • Job Description:
        • Management of the dispensary environment including:
          • Human Resource Management in a value chain of clinical and non-clinical staff members including performance management
          • Preparation and prioritizing scripts for dispensing
          • Ensuring stock availability
            • Co-operation with stock department
            • Pre-dispensing process management
          • Integration of the dispensing and dispatch processes
            • Co-operation of the logistics team
          • Quality assurance
          • Returns process management
          • Consumables stock management
        • Continuous evaluation and improvement of processes
        • Ensure team development through training and mentoring
        • Ensure high levels of patient satisfaction through excellent service and care
        • Deal with all issues that arise from staff or patients such as complaints, grievances
        • Ensure all pharmacy laws and regulations are met and enforced
        • Create and improve on implementation plans to achieve operational efficiency
        • Implement the vision and goals of the company and management
        • Implement operational improvements and assist in decision making of new procedures and policies

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New Post Gauteng – East Rand – Kempton Park:

A Pharmacist is needed for a Courier environment as follows:

      • Gross Salary: Up to R50,000 CTC (depending on experience) which includes a medical aid and pension + a performance based bonus
      • Working hours: Mon-Fri: 8am – 4:30pm
      • Start date: asap
      • Requirements: A minimum of a Community Service Pharmacist. Experience in Pharmacy Management/Clinical Trials/QA will be advantageous.
      • Summary of Job description: The Pharmacist will be responsible to ensure quality and integrity of all processes related to drugs, devices, clinical samples and clinical material supplies, including reception, storage, shipment, return and/or destruction, according to company SOP’s and other required standards. Will need to manage Pharmacist Assistants, and will need to be on standby at times (according to a roster). Must be prepared for physical work and able to work in fridges and freezers.

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New Post Centurion

Pharmacists and Pharmacist Assistants (Post Basic) are needed for a Courier Pharmacy:

      • Pharmacist Salary (gross): Basic of R38,000 – R42,000 per month (depending on experience) plus performance bonuses of 10%, 20% or 30% extra on top of gross basic salary.
        • Requirements: Retail/Courier/ARV pharmacy experience will be an advantage


      • Pharmacist Assistant Salary (gross): Basic of up to R17,000 per month (depending on experience) plus performance bonuses of 10%, 20% or 30% extra on top of gross basic salary
        • Requirements: Post Basic Pharmacist Assistant with 2 years Retail/Courier pharmacy experience
      • Working hours: Mon – Fri: 08h00 – 17h00, no weekends, no public holidays
      • Start date: ASAP

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Locum / Part-time / After Hours Positions


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