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New Post Windhoek – Namibia

  • Total selling price is R2,340,000 – Goodwill R1,850,000 + Fixtures and fittings R150,000 + Stock R340,000
  • Owner has owned pharmacy for last 9 years, but pharmacy has been in business for about 50 years. Size is 44,16 sqm. The Pharmacy is well situated with a lot of feet walking through the Arcade. As the Pharmacy is in existence for so long it is very well known. They provide a good and fast service which the customers appreciate especially when they only have one hour off for lunch. They offer free deliveries in Windhoek. As the Pharmacy is quite small the rent is low and one does not need more than 3 front shop employees. The Pharmacy is perfect for a Pharmacist who wants to be a first time owner of a retail pharmacy. Offer BP, Sugar, Cholesterol

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